A self-serve platform for building distributed data services.

Meshlake is the first commercial product to implement all four Data Mesh principles. It underlines decentralized yet collaborative development process and enables role-based data accesses and governance capabilities. As such, Meshlake can improve development efficiency by up to 70% and improve data quality throughout development lifecycle.

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Meshlake Architecture
Meshlake Core Values
01Encapsulate complexities
Fully integrated data pipeline development
Platform-agnostic model development
Automated data transformation
02Control data quality
Self-serve capability for product teams to build, own, maintain their analytics and ML data
Built-in CI/CD support
Built-in observability into data pipeline
Native data quality contract support
Main Functionalities
Single Source of Truth for Metrics
Meshlake offers a metrics platform for defining metrics/dimensions once and using them at multiple places. They are also searchable and easily discoverable across the platform.
"DSL" for Intuitive Analytical Model Development
As SQL implementation is complex and varies, Meshlake "DSL" implementation is simple and consistent.
Standardized Dev/Op Process for Producing High Quality Analytical Data
Meshlake introduces a standard process for the full lifecycle development and maintenance of metrics and data.
Extensible for Major Data Warehouse / Data Lake Technologies
Meshlake “Data Container” creates a virtualization layer to integrate with disparate big data technologies, avoiding migration needs.
Benefits of Meshlake
About Us

Meshlake Technogloy Ltd. is a global leading firm in the next-generation big data platform by implementing Data Mesh principles. Key funders of Meshlake are data experts from LinkedIn, Oracle, Tripadvisor, Coupang, etc.

Our Vision

Transforming enterprises to make data-driven decisions and build intelligent products.

Our Mission

Empowering product teams to build, own, and operate distributed data services for analytical and ML capabilities by encapsulating the complexity of big data development processes.

Meshlake Technogloy Ltd.